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About The Brothers Review

Who we are and why we do it.

We are

CRAZY about toys, games, and just about everything good in the universe. We are 17 months apart in age, so our opinions of each other vary hour to hour. How important are toys and games? ┬áIt’s ranked up there with oxygen.

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As much as we love toys and games, we love our family time the best. The toys and games are usually the things that make our family time great.
Matthew’s favorite toys are electronics, all kids of games, and toys that require assembly or construction.
Jaron’s favorites include instruments, games that ignite whacky and funny drama, and video games.
Like most kids, we love our tablets. Almost enough to give up sweets.
We hope our videos make you laugh and spend more time with your families!
If you know an organization that accepts toys, please have them contact us so we can send the toys ranked AWESOME to kids in need.

Our Process

  • Receiving the product

    Our reviews are usually based on products we receive from family, friends, and companies. We decide together what products are reviewed and in what order.

  • Producing the videos

    This is the biggest part of the project because it takes a lot of time. From planning the video to editing. Sometimes we do impromptu videos like Pie Face. Those are unplanned and a lot of fun!

  • Donating toys and games

    We donate toys that companies give us to charities and organizations that help kids. Sometimes we even buy the gift for ourselves if it is super awesome.

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