Car wash - funny video

VIDEO: Funny car wash review – a first time experience

Opt for the Mini Car wash below.

Mini Car Wash

The Car Wash – an awesome family time activity?!?

We had just finished watching an awesome family movie (Lego Batman).  The car was needing a wash.  Badly.

Matthew and Jaron had never experienced a car wash before.  Would it live up to the action-packed, fun adventure that the movie was we just left?  Watch the video and find out!

One thing we will say… The movie was $50.  The car wash $8.

Car wash highlights:

  • Affordable

    $40 cheaper than a movie. Much more memorable.

  • Fun for kids

    No nightmares about car washes, regardless the drama in the video.

  • Not good for a Date Night

    Wash your car BEFORE the date.

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