Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX play review

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX review

We think our mom and dad wanted to get this more than we did.  Our family likes to play this together, especially indoors when it is cold outside. But we can play outside too! This one came in a pack of two, one gold and one blue.  We got four of them for Christmas.  That allows us to do team games with family and friends. Playing it in the dark is fun because it has lots of cool lights.  Buy it for less at Amazon.

We recommend rechargeable batteries and battery charging dock station on Amazon.

Nerf Lazer Tag: Highlights

  • Good for family and friends

    Re-kindle your relationships with this team-building toy.

  • Easy to play

    The learning curve is small because Nerf did a great job with the design.

  • Good for kids

    More time off the couch + more time away from screens = win for kids.

  • Cautionary note for parents

    There is no mute button. You WILL NOT be able to have “parents only” tag at night when the kids are sleeping.

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