Pie Face test by The Brothers Review

Pie Face game review



This is definitely not a solo-player game. Unless you are simply looking for more creative ways to eat whip cream.  Matthew and Jaron show us the fun in this first-time play of the game.  We only recorded a short segment because this game became a beautiful white mess.  Everywhere.  Buy it for less at Amazon.

Pie Face game: Highlights

  • Great party game

    This is the game that everyone wants to see someone else playing.

  • Easy to play

    Ages 4 to 104. Instructions are simple, but it will likely turn into a sugar-fueled laugh fest.

  • Good for kids

    Absolutely. This is a tension-breaking game that deserves a place on the dinner table to encourage green veggie consumption.

  • Great diplomatic tool

    For World Leaders in fierce negotiations.

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