Lego Batman movie review by The Brothers Review

Lego Batman movie review

The 2017 Lego Batman movie is “AWESOME.  Extra, extra AWESOME” …but there’s more.

Normally our caped crusader works alone.  But this is 2017.  His arch nemesis, (and pain in his 10th and 11th ab) Superman, is nowhere to be found.  He’s likely cleaning his fortress for a fondu party.  So saving the world from villains is up to Batman.  Again. Unfortunately, the villains have reinforcements.  They’re drawing from their unlimited reserves, and even pulling rank from the B-team and C-team. Will the Valentine holiday and “kissy kissy” stuff distract Batman from saving us all once again?

Get to a theatre and cheer him on for saving your world. Again.

The movie also has a new, and AWESOME, vehicle called the Scuttler.  It’s already available on Amazon here.

Lego Batman movie: Highlights

  • Great movie for kids

    Even with some of the “kissy kissy” parts.

  • No bad language

    Plus lots of quotable moments. Too many to remember!

  • Great movie for grownups

    Lots of fun, even for a date night.

  • Violence is cartoonish

    Instead of gunshots, they say “pew-pew”. We liked that a lot.

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